John Basham

John Basham is a City Councilman, Consulting Meteorologist, Texas Army National Guardsman, and The President of Texans For Government Transparency.

John Basham's Bio:

John Basham is active in his community of as a City Councilman, an advocate for open and transparent government, a Texas Army National Guardsman, and an Expert Meteorologist with over fifteen years of experience in Broadcast, Research, Consulting, and Operational Meteorology. He is skilled in analyzing and preparing weather forecasts with an emphasis on graphical processing for ease of customer use. John possess outstanding communications and interactive abilities including oral, written, and graphical presentation styles. He is comfortable in a fast-paced weather environment that requires rapid updates of information to clients. He is an expert and extremely reliable when handling a team of people, making sure the focus remains on the task at hand while conveying a positive working environment. In addition to John Basham's expertise in meteorology he is also a skilled software developer with experience in both web and computer based software solutions. John continues to extend his skill set and is currently developing new computer algorithms for use with the Weather Research Forecast model (WRF). These algorithms will better detect and forecast meso and micro scale environments where Tornadoes will form hours before they are developed. John's hope is that these algorithms can be deployed in the near future to give better and more accurate Tornado Warnings. John is also a Medically Retired Texas Peace Officer.

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John Basham's Interests & Activities:

Family, Meteorology, Storm Chasing, Computer Programming, Ham Radio (N5TWO), Spending time at the Lake, Politics, and Entrepreneurship.